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AquaBlast Balls

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Bring the fun of summer to your backyard with our AquaBlast Reusable Water Balloon Balls! Now, you can have epic water balloon fights without worrying about the mess or waste.

Our pack includes brightly colored, easy-to-use water balloon balls, designed to be filled and thrown again and again. With AquaBlast, you get all the joy of a traditional water balloon fight, but with none of the environmental impact or the tedious clean-up afterwards.

Made with durable, stretchy material, these balloon balls can withstand a multitude of throws, catches, and of course, splashes. They're designed to hold water like a conventional balloon, swelling up to give a satisfying 'splash' on impact, but then they instantly regain their original shape, ready for the next round of fun!

Perfect for parties, poolside games, or simply cooling off on a hot summer's day, AquaBlast Reusable Water Balloon Balls are a fun, eco-friendly alternative to traditional water balloons.

Easy to fill, fun to throw, and simple to store away, they're the ideal accessory for summertime fun.

AquaBlast Reusable Water Balloon Balls - Turn up the summer fun without turning up the waste!

AquaBlast Balls - Reality Refined
AquaBlast Balls Sale price$16.00 Regular price$21.00